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10 Ways to get things done

A little off topic at face value but definitely something we could all do to improve ourselves by practicing these 10 ways to get things done.  I can't take credit for writing this list but I can absolutely tell you that it works.  If you wrote this list, please let me know so I can give proper attribution.  1) Wake

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Install all RSAT tools with PowerShell

The Remote Server Administration Tools are available from the base Windows Server installation without the need to install the roles it supports. If you want to set up a management server to administer all of your Windows infrastructure form a single console you can install all of them with a single PowerShell line. Get-WindowsFeature RSAT* | Install-WindowsFeature Once installed you

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Scheduled Disk Defragmenter for multiple drives on Server 2008 R2

As you may know, the default Disk Defragmenter utility built into the Server 2008 interface allows you to schedule a task for defragmenting disks.  However, the catch is that you can only create one scheduled task item using this interface.  This would work fine if you have less than a few drives that are not actively used but in my

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How to get the volume GUID of a drive

Windows assigns each drive a Volume GUID for each drive in a computer.  For example, the C: drive might be \\?\Volume{9d573eb6-aa70-11e1-9b4f-0050563b9b3c}\. I wanted to setup a schedule to automatically defrag multiple 13 hard drives on a server.  The default task scheduler built into the Disk Defragmenter interface will only allow you setup one schedule item.  In my case where I

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Using Group Policy to Enable Network Discovery in a Domain

If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 in a domain, you’ll notice that users probably can’t browse network resources such as file shares.  Also, when they do try to access a file share by typing in the URL to it, they’ll get a menu in Windows Explorer asking if they want to enable Network Discovery. Enabling network discovery requires

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Reference for Windows commands with examples

Below is the list of commands that can be run from windows command prompt (CMD). Thanks to the folks who organized all of this at At: Schedule tasks Attrib: Set file attributes Bootcfg: Enable kernel debugging copy: Copy files Compact: Compress or decompress files and directories Convert: Convert FAT filesystem to NTFS Date: Set system date and time defrag: Defrag disk

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