Scheduled Disk Defragmenter for multiple drives on Server 2008 R2

As you may know, the default Disk Defragmenter utility built into the Server 2008 interface allows you to schedule a task for defragmenting disks.  However, the catch is that you can only create one scheduled task item using this interface.  This would work fine if you have less than a few drives that are not

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How to get the volume GUID of a drive

Windows assigns each drive a Volume GUID for each drive in a computer.  For example, the C: drive might be \\?\Volume{9d573eb6-aa70-11e1-9b4f-0050563b9b3c}\. I wanted to setup a schedule to automatically defrag multiple 13 hard drives on a server.  The default task scheduler built into the Disk Defragmenter interface will only allow you setup one schedule item.

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