PowerShell – Free Trainings from Microsoft Virtual Academy

Update: Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0 and Advanced Tools & Scripting with PowerShell 3.0 recorded videos are now available on Microsoft Virtual Academy. Links below.
I get a lot of questions from my friends and coworkers about PowerShell …

Hey FX, How can i get all the process that start by… and then kill them all in PowerShell ?

How can I add a Windows Feature in W2012 in PowerShell ?

How can I get the list of programs installed on those 50 computers using PowerShell ?

 “How can I change the Multipath policy of all my LUNs in VMware vSphere using PowerShell (PowerCli) ?

Well if you are just like them, you’ll be happy to hear that Microsoft Virtual Academy will offer not one, but Two free PowerShell trainings !! Here are the details.

Watch it here.