Reference for Windows commands with examples

Below is the list of commands that can be run from windows command prompt (CMD). Thanks to the folks who organized all of this at

At: Schedule tasks
Attrib: Set file attributes
Bootcfg: Enable kernel debugging
copy: Copy files
Compact: Compress or decompress files and directories
Convert: Convert FAT filesystem to NTFS
Date: Set system date and time
defrag: Defrag disk drives
Del: Delete files
Dir: List files and directories
Eventquery.vbs: View events
find: Search files for a given string
findstr: Search files for a given string; Has advanced options than find command.
for: Windows batch command for looping
getmac: Find mac address of the system
hostname: Get system name
ipconfig: Get IP address
logoff: Logoff user session
Net user: Manage user accounts
Net use: Create/List/Delete network drives
Net localgroup: Manage local computer’s user groups
Net share: Create / List/ Delete shares on the local computer
Powercfg: Manage power scheme on your laptop
Reg: Edit/create/delete registry keys
Rename: Rename files
Rename: Rename directories
Runas: Run an application as a different user in the same session
Schtasks: Schedule tasks
Shutdown: Shutdown or reboot system
Sort: Command for sorting text files
Systeminfo: Get computer information
Taskkill: Kill processes
Title: Set command window title
Xcopy: Copy files and directories

Resource Kit Tools:

Compress Compress a file
Srvinfo Get remote system information
tail Print the last lines of a file
Ver Get Windows OS version

Other tools:

PsShutdown.exe Shutdown remote computer



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