Below is the list of commands that can be run from windows command prompt (CMD). Thanks to the folks who organized all of this at

At: Schedule tasks
Attrib: Set file attributes
Bootcfg: Enable kernel debugging
copy: Copy files
Compact: Compress or decompress files and directories
Convert: Convert FAT filesystem to NTFS
Date: Set system date and time
defrag: Defrag disk drives
Del: Delete files
Dir: List files and directories
Eventquery.vbs: View events
find: Search files for a given string
findstr: Search files for a given string; Has advanced options than find command.
for: Windows batch command for looping
getmac: Find mac address of the system
hostname: Get system name
ipconfig: Get IP address
logoff: Logoff user session
Net user: Manage user accounts
Net use: Create/List/Delete network drives
Net localgroup: Manage local computer’s user groups
Net share: Create / List/ Delete shares on the local computer
Powercfg: Manage power scheme on your laptop
Reg: Edit/create/delete registry keys
Rename: Rename files
Rename: Rename directories
Runas: Run an application as a different user in the same session
Schtasks: Schedule tasks
Shutdown: Shutdown or reboot system
Sort: Command for sorting text files
Systeminfo: Get computer information
Taskkill: Kill processes
Title: Set command window title
Xcopy: Copy files and directories

Resource Kit Tools:

Compress Compress a file
Srvinfo Get remote system information
tail Print the last lines of a file
Ver Get Windows OS version

Other tools:

PsShutdown.exe Shutdown remote computer