IT is “On the Job Training”

Let’s face it, we want our Doctors to keep learning.  We want the people who fix our vehicles to stay current with service bulletins.  And, we want our tech-gurus to know the latest ‘stuff” so they can translate their knowledge into human terms and make things happen for us.

ITOJT satisfies what I call the “3 C requirements” of today’s world:  Collaborative, Cloud and Crowd-Source.  This site is one of many collaboration sources for intelligent design, insightful trials and results, and just plain smart practices.

The bottom line is that we really do need to keep expanding our knowledge base regularly stretching our experience and exposure as we grow together – as we grow collaboratively.  Crowd sourcing our problems and solutions.

To kick things off, I will do my best to post what I’ve found in my search for answers in the ever changing world of IT.  I would love for this to be the starting point for many folks like me who are looking for answers in one spot.  A melting pot of information and resources for the growing IT guru.

If you have something to share or would like to see something specific – let me know.

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